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Let’s FIX Bury Council

by timpickstone on 17 April, 2010

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The Liberal Democrats in Bury have launched their plans for a Liberal Democrat run Bury Council:

A Liberal Democrat Bury will:

1 – Get the Basics Right
We’ll concentrate on making sure that the basic services that everyone needs work well. This will include spending more money on street repairs and getting bin collections working and better gritting.

2 – Better Place to Live
We’ll make sure everything we do helps make our towns and communities better places to live. Our first priorities will be improving our environment and making people feel safe from crime. This will include providing extra community policing in each town of Bury.

3 – Power to the People
We’ll cut back Town Hall bureaucracy and give power back to local towns and citizens. Everything we do will be open and fair and involve local people. We will immediately give back the right of people to ask questions at every meeting of the Council.

4 – More Money in Your Pocket
We will keep Council Tax as low as we can, and make what Bury Council does great value for money for local people.

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